The Affairs of Kyridwen: The Countess and the Kadeshah

The Countess Victoria goes on a clandestine visit to the temple of the Goddess of sex and receives personal attention from the highest ranking priestess, Kendra. 10 pages, 6 full color images.

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I've never been much of a writer but it's always been something I enjoy doing when attached to images I create for my own worlds. This time I've taken it further to add an extended story that spans multiple images to tie them all together.

Victoria is a Vishanti countess in the land of Tenebre Dontae, an uptight conservative realm with numerous taboos, and has arranged for a discreet tour of the newly erected temple of Kyridwen. Kyridwen is the goddess of love, companionship and of, a goddess who is virtually unknown to the Vishanti until now. Kendra is the Kadeshah of the temple, the highest rank of any given temple or region, and intends to make a strong impression on Victoria in order to secure a deal with Victoria to break ground on a second temple in her region of the realm.

This PDF is a total of 10 pages with 6 full color images.

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