Alkotas Sketchpack

Huge collection of adult art sketches for Alkotas, with Guest art from Hizzacked, AnimeFlux, and More!

A short time ago my fiance went to the hospital and due to a colossal screw up with her job, insurance wasn't a factor. We got slapped with a huge bill of which we have NO hopes of paying. So I got down to drawing and reached out to the community of other artists I know and thus the Alkotas Sketchpack was born.

This sketchpack contains adult art sketches entirely of my own OCs in my own Fantasy setting of Alkotas. Joining me with their own OC's translated in to Alkotas are: AnimeFlux, Cheshirecatsmile37, DrGraevling, Hizzacked, Intruder, Krash, LurkerGG, Shou, SoNo, Steveman, and Uthstar01!

35 Pages of exclusive sketches for your enjoyment await!

EDIT: This is a PWYW format project with a minimum payment of 2 dollars, which is the price at the bottom. The suggested price is 6, which is what pops up in the cart. The payment field for this product is customization to reflect what you want to pay.

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