Patreon Sketch Pack 2016

A year and a half of sketches backed by my Patrons!

The Patreon Sketch Pack 2016 includes all non-Primer Sketches done for Patreon for the last year and a half that I still have HD files for, namely the sketches distributed as part of the Platinum Tier Rewards during that time. Only a few sketches from that time are missing so to make up for it I included 4 new exclusive sketches to the pack itself to bring the total page count up to 47 (not including the cover image).

I hope you all enjoy the work and continue to enjoy my work in the future!

Please Note: The Price is set at 5.00, if you would like to contribute more either for tips or to help me out the option to edit will be available to you in the check out process! Thank you!

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9.93MB PDF Download

USD 5.00

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